About We The People

'We The People' is the first of its kind, human and humor focused documentary web series that highlights the challenges of modern immigration. The series aims to throw a light on real immigrant stories with a focus on the positive, light-hearted and relatable nuances of making a new place, your home.

Swati Ali

Concept, Story, Director

Swati moved to the United States in 2012 and found herself drawn to other immigrants and their stories, stories that were always fun, quirky, thoughtful and sweet. That was when the idea of 'We The People' was born. As an immigrant herself, she believes that this project is important for the times we live in.

Professionally, Swati has ten years of work experience across various media platforms - these include writing, producing and supervising fiction and non-fiction shows for television as well as online video networks and being a journalist for two major English newspapers in India.

Robin Singhvi


Robin works in healthtech and has experienced first hand the impact immigrants are making on the American economy. While he has no film & media experience, he is convinced that immigration is fundamental to the American ethos.

Kyra Uniejewski


Kyra, pronounced like Tyra Banks, no relation, has worked professionally as a video editor for just under 10 years. She has traveled around the world and collaborated with brands like Buzzfeed, Food Network and Playstation to name a few.
Kyra is first generation Polish, and found herself relating to the ‘We the People’ project. Its upbeat take on a pressing and current topic only encouraged her further to be a part of the team. 

Noah Lifschey

Music & Title Music Composer

Noah Lifschey has been designated a “Supreme Musical Being” by none other than his cat. He's a seasoned composer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He received a Grammy Nomination in 2014 as well as a Mark Award in 2017.

Noah was attracted to We The People because of it's down-to-earth and fresh look at immigration. He thinks it's a necessary counterpoint to an issue that has a lot of negativity around it these days.

Additional Contributors

Re-Recording Mixer Keir Schmidt

Title Design John Sellars

Publicist AJ Feuerman

Digital Marketing Nikolaos Vasilikaris

Additional Creative Inputs Andrew Curtis

Participants Adelmut Xiadani Duffing Romero, Anne-Cecile Leugers, Charles Ajarrista, Fernanda Oliveira, Katie Kopansky, Kaytura Leopolda Felix, Mishaal Murawala, Muhammad Mustafa, Palwasha Khan, Robin Singhvi, Sahar Al Nima, Selamawit Kidane, Stephanie Lynn Romero Brockmeyer

Production Assistance Jacob Yoss, Maggie Sellars, Veronica Dubey, Saket Srivastava, Emily Katherine Brewer, Kumar Deep, Aditya Vis

Press Coverage